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Best bets for Browns-Jets
For the Week 2 finale, the Cleveland Browns visit the New York Jets. Here are our experts' best bets. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 1:37AM
Congresswoman Omar sparking outrage with comments on 9/11 and US border agents | On Air Videos | Fox News
Former Bush administration official Bart Marcois and Democratic strategist Robin Biro debate. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 6:19AM
Marx says German 'synod' will proceed despite Vatican objections Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 12:13PM
Brett Kavanaugh impeachment calls 'smoke' to fire up Democrats' base, court watchers say - Washington Times
Calls by Democrats to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh are no surprise to court watchers, who long anticipated there would be moves from the left to discredit the justice ahead of any 5-4 rulings. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 4:49PM
Cyrus Vance Jr. subpoenas Trump tax returns - Washington Times
The Manhattan District Attorney's Office subpoenaed President Trump's accounting firm, demanding eight years of personal and corporate tax returns as part of its ongoing probe into hush money payments to two women who alleged affairs with the... Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 2:17PM
Karl Rove on Democratic efforts to impeach Trump | On Air Videos | Fox News
Growing concerns from moderate Democrats over impeachment efforts; Fox News contributor Karl Rove reacts. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 2:20PM
Doctor who ordered family to hold down Alzheimer’s patient resisting assisted suicide is exonerated - The Christian Post
A doctor who ordered family members to physically restrain a woman who was fighting for her life during a physician-assisted suicide has been exonerated. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 12:29PM
Pro-life group backs FDA's ban on online abortion pill sales amid lawsuit - The Christian Post
A national pro-life organization says it supports the Food & Drug Administration's ban on online abortion pill sales following a lawsuit filed by an abortionist whose best known for her Women on Waves abortion ship. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 2:30PM
Jarrid Wilson's wife shares Bible verse late husband sent before his death: 'It's speaking to my heart' - The Christian Post
Juli Wilson, wife of late associate pastor Jarrid Wilson, shared the Bible verse sustaining her in the wake of her husband taking his own life. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 11:54AM
Baker, Bud Lights and rally opossums - How Cleveland ended 635 days of losing
The Browns have never won a Super Bowl. But almost a year ago, as a record losing streak ended and an NFL star was born, it sure felt like it. Last Updated : Sep 16 2019 2:16PM